Dr Sue's Divorce Recovery Plan

90 Days to Detox Your Ex

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Your 4-Step Guide to
Getting Started Your Divorce Recovery Journey

  • 1

    Let HimGo

    Letting go of your ex is essential to your recovery. It's not easy to do but here are 7 brutal
    reasons you really don't want him back

  • 2

    Cut Him Out

    Cut off all contact with your ex for at least 60 days. This step is one where having a support group is so important. You can do it.

  • 3

    Get Rid of His Shit

    Making a fresh start is so important for full healing and recovery. Make your home yours. Physical and Emotional De-cluttering is just what this doctors orders. Get rid of the BED!!

  • 4

    Make the Bitch in Your Head Shut Up

    Stop trying to over-analyse your breakup story, Stop looking for reasons and trying to change the outcome by asking 'what if' or saying 'if only'. Falling into the mental reasoning trap is dangerous and ill not help you heal.

Dr Sue Palmer-Conn PhD C.Psychol

Certified Health and Wellness Coach

Accredited Breakup and Divorce Coach

Divorced at 50